The Genre Hotels Team

Genre Hotels Team

The Genre Success Team

Kerry Flowers - Genre Hotels Founder

Kerry Flowers

Founder and Marketing Guru

With over 30 years of relationship marketing experience, Kerry has companies as diverse as Hyatt and Kimpton on his resume. This Purdue educated hotel expert has founded 3 hospitality marketing companies including Kerry Hotels and Kerry Camp (Boot Camp Training for SUPERSTAR Sales) providing unparalleled representation to independent hotels.

Walter Vogt

VP, Operations and Technology

Walter is a seasoned hospitality industry professional with 20 years of experience. His resume includes operations management, high-volume hospitality technology deployment and support, and extensive experience with hotel revenue management and digital marketing. Walter’s extensive industry experience affords him the ability to provide relevant, well considered and time-tested strategy advice to allow our members to operate and sell efficiently, and stay current with modern revenue management strategy.

Chris WIllard

Chris Willard

VP, Sales and Strategic Development

Since inception, Chris Willard has worked with Genre Hotels leading Sales and Business Development. Chris joins the Genre team with years of experience from real estate marketing and travel related services spaces. Chris’ knowledge, and industry contacts are unparalleled in the Hotel representation space.

Through his experience in the hospitality industry, Chris has always had a passion for serving and volunteering in the inner cities of Los Angeles. He realized that there are many opportunities to provide for those in need; not just giving a handout, but rather a hand up.

As a result, in 2014, Chris founded a non-profit organization called 2 Hands 2 Cans. 2H2C empowers at-risk individuals by addressing their short and long term needs through extensive job skill training, education and career placement in the hospitality industry.

Chris has a passion for educating, equipping and mentoring those in need. When Chris isn’t watching Shark Tank re-runs or meditating, he can be found attempting a WOD (workout of the day) at his local Crossfit…Burpees anyone?

Mary-Ann Selvaggio

Chief Financial Overseer

Mary-Ann started out as a Corporate Banker for a number the top US Banks on Park Avenue (Citibank) and Wall Street(Chase) & downtown LA (Security Pacific & Union Bank).

After the consolidation in the finance industry completed, she went out on her own as an independent accountant and financial consultant for a number of prominent entrepreneurs in the Los Angeles Metro area.

Mary-Ann has had a very demanding and successful professional career. Her most demanding duty to-date, is managing and mentoring Chloe; although she still manages to find the time to handle cash flow forecasting, and treasury management for Genre Hotels, and our other associated businesses.

Edson Palucha

Sales Manager, Entertainment and Group

Edson began his professional career in the professional bicycle industry as an event coordinator and sponsorship manager for SoCalCross.

Edson transitioned to working hands on by learning the skill of professional bicycle maintenance where we worked to ensure the athletes were prepared with properly serviced equipment.

Edson is now focused full-time at Genre Hotels on various office administration, group sales and Social Media efforts. Edson is working to discover, and drive group business to the Genre Hotels group of hotels and develop our Social Media presence.

Claudia Rinna

Claudia Rinna

Sales Manager

Directly from Italy, Claudia, is our Sales and Group Manager. After having completed her studies in Rome, she decided to advance her education in the hospitality industry and attend the Vatel MBA in Hospitality Management. Claudia is experienced in hospitality and business through the handling of administration for her family business.

Claudia has a passion for darts and for the past two years been a part of the Italian National Team, winning the European title in 2017. Claudia is also a member of the board of a Darts Association where she handles the marketing and events coordination.

Claudia is also an entrepreneur and has started a company and brand, “9 Darts,” with her friends to provide quality clothing and accessories to the darting community.

Women behind opaque glass door

Chloe Paige

Accounting Coordinator

Chloe, known in the office as “the queen of petty cash,” has been our long time accounting coordinator. Ever since “the incident in 2011,” she has been assigned exclusively to office and email related activities. These days, Chloe spends her time ensuring payments are processed correctly, ensuring invoices are sent out in a timely fashion, and answering billing related emails from our members.

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