Hotel Ripa Roma

located in Rome, IT

Hotel Ripa Roma
Via degli Orti di Trastevere 3 00153 Roma

Rome, IT

+39 06 5861

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About Hotel Ripa Roma

Daily Suggested Possibilities

8:00 am: After a superb breakfast served in the Suite Space of the Hotel Ripa Roma, you can take a nice walk along the streets of Rome, passing through Trastevere, Rione monti coming to the traditional market in Campo de’ fiori. (with a good guide book you can discover many beauties).
11:00 am: Visit the peculiar and bizarre gallery of surrealist art called Dorothy Circus Gallery.
12:30 pm: Grab some delicious lunch back at the Hotel Ripa Roma.
3:00 pm: Have a relaxing and cultural visit after lunch to Villa Borghese, the most central and famous park in Rome, with many paths, fountains and statues.
5:00 pm: Try the famous caffè S.Eustachio, considered the best caffè in Rome!
6:00 pm: Do a micro journey to discover ancient rome, visiting Time elevator Rome (Hotel Ripa Roma provides a discount for ticket and a free guide). Also check out 3D rewind Rome, a small technological jewel allows participants to relive imperial Rome with a virtual journey in 3D, taking you back two thousand years.
7:00 pm: Get a great seafood dinner at a restaurant called Fish Market Trastevere. This restaurant is located near the Hotel Ripa Roma and allows the customer to choose fish exposed and cooked express. Very nice place and fresh fish!
9:00 pm: Literature: Rome international festival (until 21 of june)/ or/ Concerts at Auditorium Parco della musica for your night full of classic Roman entertainment!