Stepping into 2016 and “The Greatest Show on Earth”

September 20, 2016

Near the end of 2015, Genre Hotels decided to slow down and step into the process of revitalizing our goals and ambitions. We picked up a new Sales Coordinator, Edson Palucha who comes from the bicycle industry. Chris Willard is now in the Business Development Department to find more hotels to fit into the GQ lifestyle. 6 months in, our Sales Coordinator Sandra Parmentier became a critical part of the team by developing some of the greatest road show reports, generating group bookings for VIP clients, and being the overall backbone of Los Angeles Genre office. Our VP of Operations Walter Vogt arrived directly from TravelClick to revamp our GDS code and anything on the technology side. As for Kerry Flowers, he has stepped a bit back from the Big Cheese role to mentor our team but to also have more 1 on 1 time with our GQ members to assist them on their endeavors.

As of 2016, Genre Hotels will no longer be part of LA Tradeshow and NY Tradeshow. But after months and months of planning, we are proud to announce the Genre & Friends “Greatest Show on Earth” Trade Show . This event will take place at the newly remodeled Petersen Museum on May 12th. This new trade show will not only focus on what Genre has to offer but also focus on our close relationship hotels that Kerry Flowers has known throughout his 25+ year career. It will be a celebration of what the travel industry has gifted us but also a amazing opportunity to network with our VIP travel industry professionals.

With that being said, Genre Hotels will bring you beautiful boutique hotels, amazing road shows and a industry trade show you won’t forget.

Welcome back.