Private-Label Chain Code

A sign of quality and service for the past 10+ years.

National Chain-wide Accounts

Hotels listed on the "GQ" chain code will have access to 180+ accounts through our National chain-wide rate program.

The goal of our program is to encourage visibility and bookings from booking agents to our hotels by offering discounted rates with the ultimate goal of establishing the hotel a preferred with the client.

Your local sales and marketing team will have a list of contacts to reach out to on day one to raise awareness and encourage booking through chain-wide account participation.


Solid year-over-year growth.

The "GQ" chain-code year-over-year booking volume has grown 9% on average since 2014, compared to the average GDS channel growth of 4% symbolizing the solid growth rates of our private-label GDS chain code.

Align your hotel with a representation company with solid growth!


Emphasize and build your hotel's unique brand while leveraging the recognition and goodwill of national sales presence.

National brands, soft-brands and other representation firms prioritize their brand over the individual hotel brand. Genre Hotels is a property brand first company, providing access to opportunities, while facilitating the development of the hotel's brand in the industry.