The Jupiter NEXT presents CBD Dinner Series

April 12, 2021

CBD Dinner Seris: One Weekend Only

4/20 weekend has never been more delicious: April 22-24, Liv Vasquez and Jupiter NEXT will team up on an epic in-room pop-up restaurant and staycation package, with a 3-course meal designed by chef, experience-creator, and cannabis educator, Liv Vasquez of LivvieSmalls Events.

Want to see chef Liv Vasquez in action? Check out Netflix’s first-ever cannabis-focused cooking show, Cooked with Cannabis, in the episode “High Holidays,” currently on Netflix’s streaming network!

To book a reservation, click on the Book Now button below, then choose the date and time you’d like to attend. You’ll see a 6:00pm offering (seated by 5:30pm) and an 8:00pm offering (seated by 7:30pm). You’ll also be asked if you’d like to add on a room overnight. Would you like to stay in your private dining room all night? This is not required to enjoy the meal but HIGHLY recommended. You’ll be on cloud 9 when the meal is over and that bed will look mighty comfortable!

    Here’s how it works:

  • Dinner is on a fixed menu, which is plant-based, so ordering will be done at the time of purchasing your reservation.
  • You arrive and check in to a hotel room at Jupiter NEXT at your assigned time (5:30pm or 7:15pm).
  • Servers bring your drinks and greet you and your guest(s).
  • Servers bring your courses one by one within allotted time windows, simply placing the food down and removing themselves.
  • You sit back, enjoy, and if you want (which you will want), you can add on your hotel room for the entire night for only $99!